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If you purchase Salvun cap(s) or deskmats separately from your GMK set, they will be shipped to you as soon as they are available. If you purchase them with your GMK set, they will be shipped together when all items are available.

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| This will be a triumph.| I'm making a note here:| HUGE SUCCESS| It's hard to overstate| my satisfaction.| SMOKEY Science| We do what must| because we can.| For the good of all of us.| Except the ones who are dead.

| But there's no sense in crying| over every mistake.| You just keep on trying| till you run out of cake.| And Science gets done.| And you make a neat set.| For the people who are| still alive.

* The concept of NVT has been changed due to copyright issues. Please refer to it. 


Additional Information about the Keyset and Interest Check:

  • Double-shot ABS Cherry Profile keycaps set

  • High quality manufacturer

  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH

  • High quality 1.5mm thick keycaps

Deskmat Specifications:

  • 900x400x4mm
  • Cloth Top & Rubber Bottom
  • Stitched edges


Group Buy Timeline: Jan 27 - Mar 01 2021.

Estimated shipping date TO PROXIES: Q4 2021



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