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This is a set of key caps prepared with the motif of Korea's proud idol girl group BLACKPINK.




  • Base Kit - Pink Mods $140
  • Base Kit - Black Mods $140
  • Novelties Kit $60
  • Spacebars Kit $27
  • Cherry profile
  • MX compatible – works with MX-style switches
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Manufactured by GMK in Germany


GMK Blink is a keyset that is available to buy through a Group Buy.

Keyset: The set of Blackpink-inspired keycaps you see here. Buying a keyset does not include a keyboard. You need a mechanical keyboard to put these keycaps on, which you'll have to buy separately.

Group Buy (GB): a pre-order for this keyset. This set will be manufactured after the GB period. If you join this GB, you'll receive the set after production is completed.

Still have questions? Check out Keyboard University, which covers keyboard basics to learn more 🎓




  • BP
  • Square One
  • Square Two

About the deskmat

  • Designed by Jebbra.
  • Stitched edges.
  • 3mm thick.
  • High quality printing process.
  • 900mm x 400mm.
  • Same factory used by Novelkeys and Massdrop.


Sales for GMK Blink & Deskmats are suspended until next steps are figured out. We apologize to the community for the inconvenience. If you already joined the Group Buy, do not fret. We will email you about next steps and can refund your orders. 



Due to the coronavirus,

there is a limited number of countries that can be delivered.

Delivery is possible via EMS in Korea.

You can get it within 10 days at the latest.


Asia :

Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines

Etc :

USA, U.K. ,Germany, Russia, Canada, France,