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If you purchase Asero x Retrotrip - Windbreaker or deskmats separately from your GMK set, they will be shipped to you as soon as they are available. If you purchase them with your GMK set, they will be shipped together when all items are available.

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Strap on your skis, slip into your windbreaker, and clip on your Walkman! GMK Retrotrip channels a pure 80's vibe with neon-pastel pinks, purples, and an icey white, all inspired by winter fashion of the era.

Two beautifully illustrated deskmats compliment the set, with the unique pixel art Windbreaker deskmat by EagerSprout and the retro Symphonic deskmat by Addmeonebay. The striking pink laser engraved aluminum artisan from Asero Foundry is the perfect accent for any winter sport or cold weather lover.



  • Designed by Zakar1ya
  • Produced by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic, Cherry Profile
  • Asero Foundry Artisan:
    • Aluminum with pink cerakote
    • Laser engraved legend
    • R1 Cherry profile
  • Deskmats: stitched edge, 900x400 mm, 4mm thick
  • Geekhack Thread


    Note: This is a group buy. It launched July 27th and closes August 24th. Estimated production completion from GMK is 45 weeks from close, with another month or so for transit before shipping to customers (est. Q4 2022).


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